Skin Treatments

Refine Signature Facial

Our signature facial includes custom products picked for you based on your specific needs and concerns. Skin evaluation, steam, cleanse, exfoliation, extractions (when applicable), mask, face and neck massage, finishing serums, moisturizer and SPF.

60 min. $140

Facial Extraordinaire

The ultimate facial experience. This facial takes all of Leslie’s favorite things into one treatment. Deep cleansing, an enzyme to soften dull skin while receiving a foot massage, followed by extractions. Next the Osmosis Facial Infusion will be applied then RevitaPen will be used to penetrate the product deeper into the skin. While this absorbs into the skin, a relaxing neck & shoulder massage will be performed. After 30 minutes under the Celluma LED light panel, a custom mask and facial massage will wind down the treatment. Finished by appropriate serums and sun protection.

90 min. $195

Osmosis Facial Infusion

Osmosis Facial Infusion generates a 30-day collagen production increase. This revolutionary facial treatment will have you rethinking the “peel”- it requires little to no down-time. Vitamin A is the best anti-aging ingredient we can offer our skin and we use the most active, least irritating form: Retinaldehyde. Facial Infusion uses a 2.5% Retinaldehyde. This is the highest amount available in the market and is the only non-acid peel that will infuse the dermis with fibroblast stimulators, immune boosters, antioxidants, pigment lighteners, has calming anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial benefits. This powerful combination rejuvenates the skin by increasing collagen production while fighting free radical damage. While facial infusion increases nourishment to the skin, natural cellular turnover is increased allowing for an effective, yet gentle resurfacing of the epidermis. Deep wrinkles will begin to diminish and elasticity and firmness will increase.

60 min. $160

The RevitaPen Facial™

This facial drastically reduces fine lines and wrinkles and leaves you feeling and looking younger. The RevitaPen Anti-Aging Facial was designed to reduce the signs of aging by painlessly creating hundreds of thousands of microscopic permeation’s on the surface of the skin. This leads to an immediate plumpness of the skin for an amazing short term benefit and also allows for greater absorption of nutrients thereby hydrating and re-energizing your skin’s natural beauty over the long term. No other facial on the market gives these types of short and long term benefits. Whether you want to look your best for a night on the town tonight or for a big event six weeks from now, RevitaPen is for you!

45 min. $150

LED Light Therapy

Benefits of Celluma LED Light Therapy

  • Powerful, highly effective treatment for inflammatory and non-inflammatory acne.
  • Stimulates greater cellular turnover, improved circulation and lymphatic activity, and growth of new collagen and elastin, the building blocks of strong, healthy skin.
  • Ideal anti-aging treatment for fine lines, minor pigmentation problems, rough and textured skin, and other effects of sun damage, as well as mild scaring.
  • Delivers improvement of mild aging symptoms in just one or two treatments (most patients will require multiple treatments for optional results).

30 min. $49
Series of 8 – $340
add to any facial treatment $39

Express Facial

Need a quick pick me up? This 40 minute treatment includes, steam, cleanse, exfoliation, mask, scalp massage, serums moisturizer, and SPF.

40 min. $105

Clear Complexion Facial

Deep enzymatic action combined with fruit acids support problem skin – to clear your complexion in no time. Appropriate extractions followed by a purifying anti-bacterial mask assist skin in becoming blemish-free.

30 min. $105

Teen Treatment

16 & under
Exfoliation, Extractions, and Education.
30 min. $90