Eyelash Extensions

Lash Extension Full Sets

  • Classic – $225.00  (2 hours)
  • Volume –  $300.00 (3 hours)

Lash Extension Fills

  • Classic Fill – $95 (60 min.)
  • Volume Fill – $125 (90 min.)

*please note if less than 50% of your Eyelash Extensions are attached a Full Set will need to be performed at full cost.

Eyelash extension removal

  • $50


  • Do use ONLY water based (oil-free) eye make-up and eye make-up remover.
  • Wash lashes daily.
  • Do be gentle while cleansing the eye area and pat lashes dry.
  • Do gently comb through the lashes to maintain a good appearance..
  • Do schedule a touch-up session. The natural lash life cycle is about 100 days and the eyelash extensions may fall off during this period of negligent care by client. Touch-ups are recommended to be done every 2-3 weeks to replace any lashes that may have fallen off within that time period.


  • Don’t use mascara.
  • Don’t use manual lash curlers: This will break both extensions and natural lashes!
  • Don’t excessively rub lashes or eyes while washing face.
  • Don’t use oil-based eye products around or on the eyes. Oil-based products around or on the eyes will dissolve the bonding agent of eyelash extensions.
  • Don’t try to remove the extensions on your own.